Video Entry Soliciting: "My China Story" Short Video Competition
信息来源: 发布日期:2021-06-11

“My China Story” is the most authoritative online competition of short videos filmed by foreigners about China. It offers the most open platform for international content creators and has the most developed collaborative partnership network.

About the Competition

In every historical period there were foreigners like Marco Polo (1254-1324) and Israel Epstein (1915-2005) who were dedicated to telling stories about China. Today, the world is more willing to hear China’s voice as never before, which provides a platform conducive to intercultural communication.

“My China Story” International Short Video Competition aims to encourage domestic and international content creation teams, foreign live streamers, We Media teams and individuals to create multilingual Chinese themed short videos from their unique foreign perspectives, telling their best experiences when visiting the country. Videos that tell creators’ personal stories with China or present cultural exchanges between China and other countries in the third-person point of view are also welcome.


Sponsor: China International Publishing Group

Strategic partner: Beijing Normal University

Co-sponsors: Zhongshan Municipal People's Government

Organizers: Beijing Xufang International Digital Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Information Office of the People's Government of Zhongshan City

Strategic support: Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture,

China Intercontinental Communication Center, DOC CHINA Board of Directors, Beijing Returned Overseas Chinese Federation

Special partnership project: Looking China Youth Film Project

Academic support: Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies

Global strategic partner: National Geographic

Exclusive social media partner: Sina Weibo

Strategic partnership platforms: iXIGUA, Douyin(Tik Tok China), Toutiao, Bilibili

International support: Germany Overseas Chinese Association, Prime Media Group (New Zealand)

International media partners: Associated Press, Deutsche Presse-Agentur,

Antara News (Indonesia), African News Agency, Australian Associated Press

Suggested Topics

1. One Annual Topic

Lingnan Culture, Greater Bay Area

Stories related to Guangdong, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, or other bay areas in the world.

We are looking for stories related to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the cities around it, stories about the development of internationally famous bay areas including New York, San Francisco and Tokyo, and stories related to Lingnan culture, especially the Cantonese culture. Your topic can be about historical heritage, economic development, technological innovation, tourism culture, social life, etc.

2.Three Themed Topics

a. Discover China across the World

China-related stories happening around the world

Whatever country or city you are in, use your camera to film the local Chinatown and stories about Chinese people, food, architecture, or companies. Tell us your stories with China. Whatever you are interested in about China is meaningful for us.

b. Expats’ Experiences

Life stories of foreigners living in China

Have interviews with some expats in China, listen to their stories and film what they are up to here. Feel the interactions between China and the world from the details of our international friends’ lives.

c. Town and Country Tour

Chinese cities and villages in foreigners’ eyes

Every city or village has its own unique historical heritage and beauty. Join the foreigners who are visiting or living in Chinese cities or towns to document their daily stories.

3. One Social Topic

A Bite of Chinese Food Worldwide

Stories happening around the world about tasting, cooking and recommending Chinese food

There are many schools of Chinese cuisine and a variety of cooking techniques. Chinese food lovers are all over the world. There are many overseas Chinese restaurants. These food stories are exactly what we are looking for. Film them and participate in the competition by uploading to Douyin!

Prizes and Rewards

1. 30 Topic Awards

The judging panel will select one first prize (bonus 8,000 RMB), two second prizes (bonus 5,000 RMB), and three third prizes (bonus 3,000 RMB) for each of the five topics above.

2. Six Individual Awards

From the works that enter the final evaluation session of each topic, the judging panel will select six entries to give Individual Awards, namely Best Live Streamer Award, Best Story Award, Best Videography Award, Award for Best International Communication, Award for Best Online Communication, and Award for Best Short Video Series. Each winning entry will receive a bonus of 4,000 RMB.

3. One Grand Jury Prize

From the shortlists for the final evaluation session, the judging panel will select one work to award the Grand Jury Prize with a bonus of 20,000 RMB.

4. 50 Outstanding Awards

From all entries submitted, the judging panel will select 50 to give Outstanding Award and certificates will be issued by the competition sponsor.

Who may participate in the competition?

All topics above are open to both domestic and international, professional and amateur short video creation teams and individuals. Chinese organizations stationed abroad, overseas Chinese (students included), are also welcome.

Your entry video shall meet at least one of the following requirements.

1. There are non-Chinese-citizens speaking in the video or the protagonist of your story is a foreigner.

2. There are non-Chinese-citizens participating in directing, filming, and editing. He or she must serve as video designer, director, editor, videographer, etc.

3. Shooting scene is in other countries but the content is about China or China’s interactions with the world.

Submission of Proposals and Entries

There are two submission sections in this year’s competition. The first section is for video proposals and the second one is for video entries. Participants may consider submitting your proposal first before conducting filming or you can submit your video directly without taking part in the first section.

Submission of Video Entries

Submission Deadline: June 30

Ways to submit your video:

(1) Upload your video to your organization’s or personal account on Bilibili, iXIGUA, or Sina Weibo. Follow the platforms’ instructions and tick your video with the tag of the competition name to sign up for “My China Story” International Short Video Competition.

(2) Send your video to in the form of large attachment or Baidu/ Google drive link (with password). The subject line of your email should follow this format: Your Name-Video Title-参赛.

Requirements for Entry Video

1. Videos can be submitted in the name of an institution, studio, or individual. Each participant can submit up to five entry videos. If your entry is a series or column, it should contain three representative videos.

2. There is no restriction for the form of your video or filming tool. Variety show, interview, talk show, short documentary, and Vlog are all acceptable forms. Videos can be produced with professional camera or mobile phone. The duration of each video should be less than 10 minutes.

3. There is no restriction for the language spoken in your video. However, for videos in languages other than Chinese and English, there should be Chinese/ English dubbing or subtitles.

4. Your video must be based on fact and real life and channel positive energy. It must not involve any pornography, violence, racial discrimination, or advertisement.

5. The resolution of your video should be 1280*720 or above. MPG, MPEG, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP4 are acceptable formats.

Benefits for Participants

1. Participants who take part in the proposal submission section have the opportunity to receive financial support.

2. Your entry videos have the opportunity to win more than one prize and award that come with certificates and bonus.

3. Up to two members of winning teams have the opportunity to be invited to the annual award ceremony and its sub-activities including evening party, sharing meeting, outstanding works exhibition, etc.

4. Award-winning videos have the opportunity to be promoted on media before and after the award ceremony. The winning teams and individuals may be interviewed by domestic and international media.

5. The winning videos have the opportunities to be shown on the partnership platforms and in domestic and international exhibitions held by the sponsor.

6. The winning videos will be published in the book named after the competition in both Chinese and English.

7. Outstanding anchors and teams will be invited to join the short video club created by the competition sponsor, where gathering activities, topic-sharing forums, and other photography-related events will be held.

8. Outstanding anchors and teams will be invited to become contracted partners of the competition sponsor, with whom the sponsor will jointly operate its new media international communication projects.
















海外合作平台:德国华人华侨联合会、新西兰Prime Media传媒集团




















1. 单元奖(30个)


2. 单项奖(6个)


3. 评委会大奖(1个)


4. 优秀作品奖(50个)





1. 有外籍人士出镜讲述,或故事中人物为“老外”。

2. 由中外团队共同策划、拍摄并完成制作,“老外”在其中担任导演、策划、摄像、制作等职务。

3. 故事发生在海外,内容与中国、中外交流相关。





(2)参赛作品以超大附件形式或网盘(百度/Google Drive)链接与密码形式发送至邮箱邮件标题请注明“作者—作品名称—参赛”)


1. 以机构、工作室、个人名义参赛均可。每个参赛主体报送作品不超过5件。按系列或栏目参赛的作品,需提交三件代表作品。

2. 作品形态不限。主播综艺、人物访谈、脱口秀、短纪录片、Vlog均可,专业摄制或手机拍摄均可。时长10分钟以内。

3. 作品语种不限。中、英文之外的非通用语种作品,需添加中文/英文配音或字幕,以方便顺利参加评审。

4. 作品以真实生活为创作素材,积极传播正能量,不得涉及色情、暴力与种族歧视等内容,不得植入广告。

5. 作品分辨率为1280*720或以上,接受MPG、MPEG、AVI、MOV、WMV、MP4等格式文件。


1. 参与创意征集环节,有机会获得作品摄制启动资金。

2. 参赛作品,有机会获得优秀作品、单元大奖、专业奖项、评委会大奖等奖项,以及相应证书或奖金。

3. 获奖团队(1—2人)有机会受邀参加年度颁奖典礼系列活动(颁奖典礼晚会、年度交流分享会并做主题分享、优秀作品展映展播等)。

4. 获奖作品有机会在颁奖典礼前后获得高频率现场与媒体曝光,接受国内外媒体采访。

5. 获奖作品落地大赛合作媒体平台并有机会参加主办方在国内外举办的展览展映活动。

6. 获奖作品受邀出版大赛同名视频中英文图书。

7. 邀请优秀主播和团队加入主办方组织的短视频俱乐部,参加线下沙龙,共享优质选题,协助国内拍摄。

8. 邀请优秀主播和团队成为主办方签约合作伙伴,联合运营新媒体国际传播项目。