Macao Cases Reported: Nucleic Acid Test On in 4 Towns/Streets中山四镇街开展大规模核酸筛查
信息来源:中山发布、中山市外事局 发布日期:2021-08-04

According to information on the Internet, two Macao residents tested positive for COVID-19 and the man recently traveled to Zhuhai and Zhongshan. Upon verification by the Zhongshan Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the male Macao resident had no activity record in Zhongshan in the past 14 days, and the female resident had no activity record in Zhongshan.


According to Zhuahai authorities, the Macao couple and their daughter live in Macao and have traveled between Zhuhai and Macao through Gongbei Port and stayed in Zhuhai for a short period recently. The daughter traveled to Xi’an through Zhuhai Airport on July 19 and returned to Macao through Zhuhai Airport on July 24. Results of preliminary track check are as follows: the couple entered and exited through Gongbei Port on July 25 (entry at 16:28 and exit at 18:17), July 27 (entry at 19:44 and exit at 20:27), July 29 (entry at 17:39 and exit 19:51), August 1 (entry at 21:38 and exit at 22:36) and August 2 (entry at 21:29 and exit at 22:17). The daughter took flight CZ3761 from Zhuhai to Xi’an on July 19 and flight CZ3762 from Xi’an to Zhuhai on July 24. She then took tour bus to Gongbei Port at 23:10 (license plate: 粤T66378) and entered Macao at 00:38 on July 25.


If any Zhongshan resident has crossed path with the above 3 people, please take the initiative to report to your community as soon as possible and cooperate with quarantine, nucleic acid testing, and epidemiological investigation measures.


Since the newly discovered Macao cases have traveled in and out Zhuhai for many times, towns and streets like Tanzhou are adjacent to Zhuhai and residents in those areas have frequent contact with Macao and Zhuhai, risks of being affected by the Macao cases exist. To rule out possible risks as soon as possible, large-scale nucleic acid tests are carried out in Wuguishan Street, Sanxiang Town, Shenwan Town, and Tanzhou Town on August 4. Please cooperate with the measures.


To facilitate foreign nationals to get the QR code needed for a nucleic test, Zhongshan Foreign Affairs Bureau has compiled the following guide for your reference.