【双语】中山发现1例新冠肺炎无症状感染者 One asymptomatic COVID-19 case reported in Zhongshan
信息来源:中山发布、HiZhongshan 发布日期:2022-03-14





















On March 13, one asymptomatic case for COVID-19 was found in Shaxi Town of Zhongshan City during a close contact screening of non-local cases. Relevant information is as follows:

The male patient, surnamed Chen, 43, lives in Building No.6 in the Times King City (时代倾城) residential community in Shaxi Town of Zhongshan City with his family. On the afternoon of March 7, Chen went shopping in Store No.2608 of Kapok Int’l Fashion City (红棉国际时装城) located in Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City, during which he was exposed to two COVID-19 cases in Guangzhou. Chen returned to Zhongshan the same day after shopping.

Currently the patient has been transferred to a designated medical facility for quarantine and treatment. Relevant living and working areas of Chen's are under management and control, terminal disinfection has been implemented in key places he visited, and the epidemiological investigation is currently underway.

In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control in an accurate and scientific manner, the relevant epidemic control measures are hereby notified as follows:

First, strictly define the lockdown and controlled areas.

1. Lockdown areas include Building No.6 in the Times King City (时代倾城) residential community in Shaxi and  Haoyi Garment Factory (昊亿制衣厂) in Dachong Town. People in these areas are required to stay indoors, and daily necessities will be delivered door-to-door.

2. Controlled areas include the entire Times King City residential community in Shaxi and buildings along Zhangshuzai Street (section between Zhangshuzai No.6 Lane and No.8 Lane) in Dachong Town. Residents are required to stay at home and fetch daily necessities on a staggered schedule.

3. Prevention areas include Shaxi Avenue, Gaoliangyuan Road, and the enclosed area of the Times Fun-in shopping mall, the Jinyi Mansion residential community’s narrow street and national highway G105 in Shaxi Town, as well as the enclosed area to the north of Zhongxin Highway, to the south of Xinbao Road, to the west of Paishanhong Street and to the east of Xinhe Street in Dachong Town. Gathering is restricted.

Second, strictly control public gatherings in Shaxi Town and Dachong Town.

Large-scale conferences, forums, training sessions, performances, exhibitions, sales campaigns and other public gatherings shall be suspended in Shaxi and Dachong Towns. To strengthen the prevention and control of key places, Internet cafes, cinemas, fitness centers, bars, foot care shops, chess and cards rooms and other enclosed venues in Shaxi and Dachong shall be closed temporarily, and dine-in service in restaurants is canceled temporarily. Bus services are suspended.

Third, temporary class suspension for all schools in Shaxi Town and Dachong Town.

Primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, nursery institutions and offline training institutions in Shaxi and Dachong, as well as schools and training institutions in other towns and districts involved with close contacts of the case, suspend service temporarily until further notice.

Fourth, follow nucleic acid testing arrangement.

All residents in Shaxi and Dachong Towns shall have nucleic acid testing from 10:00 to 20:00 on March 13 in an orderly manner. All residents shall actively cooperate with the nucleic acid testing to ensure that all those in need are tested, observe the on-site order at sampling and testing sites, and take proper self-protection measures.

From now on, all roads entering or exiting Shaxi and Dachong Towns are under strict control. During the control period, residents can only enter the towns, while leaving Shaxi and Dachong are not allowed. If one really needs to leave the town for emergency medical treatment, specific official duties or other special reasons, it is required to present a valid negative nucleic acid test result within 24 hours. Those who do not comply to the rules will be handled according to relevant laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control.

[expats] In the case of support needed concerning the pandemic, expats can call the numbers as follows (9:00-12:00, 14:30-17:30, Monday to Friday):

English: 0760-88339063

Japanese: 0760-89980039

Spanish: 0760-89980180

Chinese: 12345 (This number can also provide consultation service on other issues.)