Latest notice on epidemic prevention and control in Zhongshan
信息来源:Zhongshan Release 发布日期:2022-01-13

One patient that saw a doctor in Tanzhou Hospital has been tested positive for COVID-19 in Zhongshan on January 13,2022.

The female patient tested positive,aged 24,who lives in International Blossom Palace residential community(Phase I)(国际花城一期)in Tanzhou Town,is an employee of a Tanzhou-based company.She visited the fever clinic of Tanzhou Hospital on January 12,and was found positive for COVID-19 on the early morning of January 13.

At present,she has been transferred to the designated medical institution for isolation and treatment.The contacts are under investigation.Relevant living and working areas of her are under management and control,and terminal disinfection has been implemented in key places she visited.

Notice on Epidemic Prevention and Control in Zhongshan(No.1)

In order to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control in an accurate and scientific manner,the relevant epidemic control measures are hereby notified as follows based on the current situation in Zhongshan:

First,strictly define closed areas and controlled areas.

The Building 41 of International Blossom Palace(国际花城41栋)and Yizhiwan Zhongshan Provisions Co.Ltd.(一知万食品有限公司)in Tanzhou Town are classified as closed areas,which means it will implement enclosed isolation at home/company,and daily necessities will be sent to the doors.The International Blossom Palace Phase I and Phase II,and three factory buildings around Yizhiwan Zhongshan Provisions Co.Ltd.are classified as controlled areas,which means people are not allowed to exit the area or gather.

Second,strictly implement traffic control in Tanzhou Town.

Since January 13,2022,all roads entering or exiting Tanzhou Town have been under strict control.During the control period,people can only enter the town and are basically not allowed to leave Tanzhou.If one really need to leave the town for medical treatment or other special reasons,it is required to show a valid negative nucleic test result within 48 hours.Those who do not comply to the rules will be handled according to relevant laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control.

Third,strictly control gathering activities.

Large-scale conferences,activities,forums,training sessions,performance shows,exhibitions,sales campaigns and other gathering activities are suspended in Zhongshan.To strengthen the prevention and control of key places,entertainment places,Internet cafes,cinemas,fitness centers,bars,foot care shops,chess and cards rooms and other closed venues in Tanzhou Town are closed temporarily,and dine-in service in restaurants is canceled temporarily.Public areas such as restaurants in other towns and districts in Zhongshan are not allowed to receive customers exceeding 50%of their reception capacity.

Fourth,cooperate with nucleic acid testing.

Zhongshan will organize and carry out city-wide nucleic acid testing for all residents in an orderly manner.Tanzhou town has started nucleic acid testing for all residents from 14:00 on January 13,Shenwan,Sanxiang and Banfu towns from 15:00 on January 13,and other towns and districts on January 14.All residents are requested to actively cooperate with the nucleic acid testing to ensure that all those in need are tested,observe the on-site order at sampling and testing sites,and take active self-protection measures.

Fifth,strictly control on trips leaving Zhongshan.

All residents should avoid unnecessary trips leaving Zhongshan.If necessary,a valid negative nucleic test result within 48 hours is required since 12:00 on January 13;staff of government offices at all levels,enterprises and public institutions shall take the lead in implementing the requirement.

Sixth,strengthen self-protection measures.

Avoid gatherings,wear masks,wash hands and do cleaning frequently,use serving chopsticks and stick to other good living habits.In the case of fever,dry cough,fatigue,sore throat,hyposmia and other symptoms,please go to the nearest fever clinic immediately,wearing a mask all the way and avoid using public transportation.

This notice shall come into effect as of the date of release,and the above prevention and control measures may be dynamically adjusted according to the changing epidemic situation and prevention and control needs.