24-hour Negative Test Certificate Required for Leaving Zhongshan
信息来源:Zhongshan Release 发布日期:2022-01-14

Announcement of the Office of the Zhongshan Municipal COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters(No.2)

In order to further control the spread of the pandemic in an accurate,reasonable,quick,and strict manner,upgraded pandemic control measures are hereby notified as follows,in accordance with the situation in Zhongshan City and its neighboring cities:

First,travel management will be reinforced.The public are advised not to leave Zhongshan City or Guangdong Province,unless it is truly necessary.From the release of this announcement on,those who really need to leave Zhongshan City should hold a green Yuekang Code and a negative nucleic acid test certificate for COVID-19 within 24 hours.

Second,the management over lockdown areas will become stricter.Buildings 1-48 of the first phase and Buildings 1-16 of the second phase of the International Blossom Palace residential community in Tanzhou Town(坦洲镇国际花城一期1至48栋、二期1至16栋)(i.e.,the area north to the artificial lake of the community,south to Huanzhou North Road,west to Huacheng Avenue,and east to the internal roads at the gate of the second phase of the community),as well as the four plants surrounding Yizhiwan Zhongshan Provisions Co.,Ltd.are categorized as lockdown areas.The management measures of"lockdown and quarantine,staying at home,and door-to-door services"will be strictly implemented in the above areas.

Third,all residents in the city should take the nucleic acid test.All residents in Tanzhou Town,Shenwan Town,Sanxiang Town,and Banfu Town will be organized to receive the test for three days from January 13 to 15(2:00 p.m.to 10:00 p.m.).Residents in the above four towns should take the test once a day at an interval of 24 hours during the above period.Meanwhile,all residents in other towns and districts should take a test on January 14(8:00 a.m.to 8:00 p.m.).The general public should pay close attention to relevant notices by the corresponding committees of towns,districts,and villages.Please take the nucleic acid test under the instruction of the staff at the nucleic acid sampling site.Those whose Yuekang Code is yellow or red should take the initiative to report to your community(village)committee,organization,and hotel and should not to go to the nucleic acid sampling site.At the testing site,please present your Yuekang Code and Travel History Code and wear your mask throughout the process.Keep a distance of one meter away from others and do not talk to other people or gather.Should you have any doubt during the test,please immediately contact the staff on-site who will serve you wholeheartedly.Vaccination will be suspended during the nucleic acid testing period.

This announcement comes into effect from the time of issuance.The above measures for pandemic prevention and control may be adjusted according to changing situation and needs.

Office of the Zhongshan Municipal COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters

January 13,2022